Ehsan Bigloo




Ehsan Bigloo is a longtime traditional visionary artist with a background in surreal arts, drawing, design, anatomy, painting and sculpting who has made a successful transition into the world of 3D in early 2000.

He is now an expert Creature&Character Designer, Modeler & Sculptor & 3D-Concept-Story-teller in industry-standard packages, applying all his experience both digital and traditional to art direction.

He has also already shared this knowledge with students at a variety of institutions as a professional educator.


Residing in California, He is constantly practicing surreal art and visual story telling and express himself in Artistic way either with pen or computer. Enjoying the creative process: draw, paint, model, sculpt, tell, write...strongly believe in Autodidacticism among self-discipline,

So...always learning.



copyrighted Ⓒ 2018, Ehsan Bigloo.